Enhance Company Productivity and Communication Skills

Team Building

Tired of the old ‘lecture by a management guru’ model of team building?

We will help you organize a team building event that your people will be raring to take part in…and raving about…long after it’s over.

They will enjoy taking part in an adventure, whether it’s investigating a disappearance or finding a hidden treasure, that will put their team spirit, their logical thinking skills, and their communication skills to the test.


How many people can play at once?

Both of our facilities have a total of 4 unique games, each with a maximum capacity of 6 players.

Both of our facilities also have one Head-to-Head game, which means two rooms featuring the same game, for a friendly intra-group competition. These rooms also have a maximum capacity of 6 players.

Which means 30 players can play at once (5 rooms of maximum capacity 6 players each).

Can I leave a deposit?

Yes, we can take a non refundable deposit to secure the booking. The amount of deposit will vary depending on how many rooms are in the transaction.

We do not under any circumstances hold bookings if a deposit is not paid. 

To leave a deposit, you will need to call our receptionist  at  714-879-3369.