Find Clues and Solve Puzzles Using Teamwork To Escape The Room in 60 Minutes Or Less!

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Exclusive Private Escape Rooms

Don’t Play With Strangers. You are never placed with other random players. We guarantee that you and your team will be the sole players in your adventure, ensuring a more intimate and focused experience. Here, it’s all about you and the challenges ahead. There are never any live actors in our rooms.


Team Building and Corporate Events

Our Escape Rooms provide a great Team Building Experience that will help build relationships amongst employees. Use teamwork to learn how to improve communication, morale, form stronger bonds, solve problems and increase productivity within your business. 


Exciting Family-Friendly Experiences

Our rooms are friends and family-friendly as we believe in providing immersive and exciting experiences for players of all ages and experience levels.

Players are not locked in and can easily leave at any time. Please check our FAQ Page to answer questions regarding Age and Parental Supervision requirements.

Many Escape Room Themes To Choose From!


Friends & families

One hour of your lives you and your loved ones will never forget!

Amateur detectives

Put on your thinking caps, and find your way out within one hour!

Date nights

Can you and your partner work together and escape the room?

Private events

Celebrate your special occasion at Orange County’s #1 Escape Room!



‘Team building’ via whiteboards, brightly colored walls, and pep talks by ‘gurus’… Isn’t it time to shake things up a bit? Redefine team building? Make it something employees will actually look forward to?

Organize your sessions at one of Wild Goose Escapes locations in Orange County. Enjoy time together as your employees employ their problem-solving and communication skills, as they collaborate with each other to complete their adventure and escape the room.

Interested in bringing your team?

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Want to wow someone special or have a blast together? Gift them an adventure at Wild Goose Escapes in Orange County! Our immersive escape rooms are super fun and perfect for making memories.

Grab a Gift Card! It lets them pick any room, anytime, where at the location where the voucher was purchased. It’s an awesome way to spend time together and have an adventure. Let’s make some fun happen!




"The 3 rooms we’ve done with Wild Goose have been phenomenal experiences!! Tonight my party and I completed “The House Next Door”, and our game master was so helpful and funny. She gave us straight-forward hints and made the game feel worthwhile and worth our money!!!"

-Julia (Google Review)

"Been to a few of these, and this one was great! Fair clues, difficult but fun to solve... Good quality. Solved the first bunker just in time with 2 minutes left with 3 people, not hints. 🙂 Kyndall was a ton of help, and gave a good intro to the room, and even recapped some things we missed in the end. Great team building activity."

-Angelica Farol

"This was good stuff. Having never done an escape room before I have little to judge what my experience should be. That said, my experience with Wild Goose Escapes was fantastic. Our group did S.A.S.H.A. and it was SO FUN! Our guide was fantastic. We got out with only 15 ticks left on the clock but a win is a WIN! Now I have an escape room bug that I need to scratch over and over again. I wanna do the other next. This place has several other rooms to feed my itch. I will be back!"

-Rob Noxious


"I took my son and his buddies for his 15th birthday and we did the Bunker room. It was a blast! Super creepy and scary (without giving us nightmares). Really fun puzzles, fully engaging and perfect level of challenging. Our game master was Miriya and she was terrific. Scared the heck out of us and helped us all at the same time. So fun. Will totally do it again. Highly recommend!"

-Samantha Seaton

"Wow, this escape room was so great. I love that Wild Goose Escape is open late and that the rooms are all so immersive. My group felt the real fear of the situation and our adrenaline was definitely pumping! Our game master Christine was awesome and extremely helpful and encouraging. The decor in the room is great and realistic and the puzzles itself are really great and not too confounding or frustrating. I would definitely return here for more escape rooms in the future. Thanks so much for a fantastic experience!"

-Danica Thi