What makes a good life?

Is there a recipe for gaining happiness? A formula? A spark?

What makes people deeply happy? Is that a new car smell, a new job, or just a relationship?

Well, Harvard has the answer. In the longest study of human behavior and happiness that lasted for 75 years, scientists discovered what the most important thing in life is. They observed around 2000 people with different backgrounds, education level and marital status, and all of them had different levels of happiness during their life.
The ones with the highest amount had one thing in common: deep relationships and a good social life.

Surprising? Or not?

Science doesn’t lie! Family and friends are the safe places. Rooms where we can escape from everyday life.
So what kind of relationships should we develop to gain a good life?

We can divide them into several categories:

Relationships in a professional environment

Can you imagine a situation: You’ve got a new job! New spacious office, new desk, tasks, and most important: new colleagues.
A team. Colleagues that will create success together. Making friends with your coworkers is important for developing a sense of trust. Having someone that you can rely on not only increases motivation, but can also improve task and project results. The room escape concept can create an environment where those friendships can foster, because it matters not what position you hold in the company.
It teaches you a lot of things from everyday working life in a fictional, non-competitive environment.
You have to think outside of the box; keeping focused on your own task is just a tiny part of a main project result.
By solving a mystery, you go forward. Life doesn’t come with Terms of Use. Information and resources are limited.
As in life, you cannot complete the game alone. You need a team! People who will celebrate victories, and a shoulder to lean on when times get hard.

All you need is love

Have you ever watched the movie Into the Wild? Alex decides to improve his life by making a radical change. He is going into the wild. Alone. Feel encouraged to watch the movie, because you will learn the most important life lesson about sharing!
So share! Share life, and share love. Share passion and time. It is really important to have that special person who will make us complete. Falling in love is the easy part. What matters is relationship development. As with the room escape concept, there are some special parts that you can do by yourself. But at the end, you need your puzzle piece
A team mate! A partner in crime. Someone that you can escape with.

What does RICH mean?

Rich people will usually tell you that money cannot buy happiness. Why? Money cannot buy friends.

If you have a lot of them, we consider you a rich person. Friends are some kind of custom-made family. They support us in every part of life. We share successes and tears, pain and happiness.
Our special escape place. Our very own escape room. But how do we make friends?
How can a total stranger affect our life and become a friend? Have you ever been locked in a room for an hour with complete strangers?
Have you pushed your boundaries so far? Think outside of the box, and realize how people on a mission connect. How their values match under strange circumstances?
That is how you make friends in real life too. You work on something, It gets tough. Solving it together, you make a connection.
And then…you celebrate.

While creating relationships from real life, room escape’s concept provides a lot of enjoyment to each individual. It’s a great deal for all kinds of relationships, because it bonds people and creates deeper connection.