Top 7 things to do for couples in the O.C.

Welcome to Orange County, bitch!

Orange County.

Yeah, that Orange County. The O.C.

The settings for so many romances. Seth and Summer. Ryan and Marissa (they were cute together, even if it wasn’t a picture-perfect relationship). Sandy and Kirsten.

The OC is the setting for many romances!

No wonder that Orange County has any number of destinations for couples looking to have a romantic time together.


Heisler Park

Enjoy a romantic stroll at Heisler Park!

A dedicated path for a walk – check

Well-maintained greenery – check

Access to several beaches – check

Coffee houses, restaurants and just plain benches and tables where couples can sit and chat – check

Gazebo – check

All the elements you need for a lovely romantic stroll.

Especially the gazebo. It’s always in demand for wedding pictures.

But keep in mind, parking can be a pain sometimes. There are one or two shuttle services, either free or charging a nominal amount (below a dollar) that you can take to reach the park.


Laguna Beach

Gaze at the Pacific expanse from Laguna Beach!

Speaking of beach access, Laguna Beach is a hop and skip from Heisler Park.

It’s perfect for a couple’s stroll, well-maintained and picturesque with the sounds of the Pacific Ocean lapping gently right beside you.

And if you get tired of the beach, there are any number of art galleries and restaurants conveniently located right next to the beach.

What better than to marvel at works of art with your better half?


Gondola Rides

Ride on a gondola – just the two of you!

One of the seminal romantic images is definitely that of a young couple being serenaded on a gondola ride down one of Venice’s famous canals.

Now I can’t say you’ll be serenaded but you can definitely plan a gondola ride for you and your beau or your belle right here in the O.C.

Just get in touch with a company like Gondola Adventures or Black Swan Gondola and book your own cruise.

Many of these companies even have the facilities to provide you with a very romantic dinner while you’re on your cruise.


Escape Room

Team up against an escape room!

An experience that is definitely memorable, that gives you an adrenaline rush, that creates a healthy competition between partner and partner.

Yep, an Escape Room ticks all those boxes. In fact, Escape Rooms happen to be so popular with couples that many Escape Rooms make it a point to let people know that they have ‘2-person missions’ or that they allow couples.

If you’re looking for thrilling or even maybe a little scary experience, try Red Lantern Escape Rooms or Mission Escape Games.

You can also try out Orange County’s premier escape room (yep, that’s us; we talk about ourselves in the third person) or Cross Road Escape Games.


Dance Lessons

Dance the night away at Orange County!

Gaze into your partner’s eyes, hold them close and be on your way to dazzle the dance floor!

Orange County gives you a whole range of options to brush up your dancing skills.

The OC Dance Studio gives you the chance to sign up for private lessons or if you prefer to be part of a group, you can ask Fred Astaire for help.


Go To The Happiest Place In The World

Go on a Disneyland Date at Orange County!

The day you met your partner was the happiest day in your life…until now.

Why don’t the two of you take a trip to the happiest place on Earth – Disneyland – and see whether the day you first met is up against tough competition?

Or you could just munch cotton candy and meet Goofy, Aladdin, Cinderella, Captain Jack Sparrow…whoever your heart yearns to see!


Fly Like A Bird

Feel the wind rushing through your hair at Orange County!

Feel the wind rush through your hair, feel the adrenaline rush through your veins and get a whole new perspective on life while you hurtle towards the Earth.

Nope, I’m not kidding.

Sky diving is a popular activity among couples and not just in Orange County.

You can get in touch with Go Jump Oceanside about a skydiving session.

Their experience is literally what their name suggests – a sky diving experience in which you can see the ocean throughout your dive. 


The Orange County offers many exciting and memorable experiences for couples looking for an adventure.

Thinking of skipping the O.C.?

Just try it. Go on, I dare you!