Things to do when planning your Fox in a Box Orange County escapade

Here’s our guide to avoiding last minute panics on your Fox in a Box Orange County date.

‘Have you seen the car keys?’

‘I thought you had them.’

‘I thought YOU have them!’

Sounds familiar?

Unfortunately, that seems to be just how things go. A seemingly well-planned evening turns into a scurry throughout the house trying to locate the car keys, punctuated by a shouting match.


But that’s not how we at Fox in a Box OC want things to go for you on your Fox in a Box Orange County date.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy little checklist of things you should do to ensure a fun-filled, stress-free Escape Room escapade.


1. Ensure your office knows not to call you on your Fox in a Box Orange County evening

A call from the office about something work-related wrecks the Evening Out mood, leaving you half-absorbed about that work call and others in your team exasperated with you.

It’ll be all the more galling if you receive such a call before entering an Escape Room since escaping a serial killer’s lair will require your complete attention and you can’t afford to have half your mind thinking about that audit next week.

So, it would be ideal if you could inform your workplace that you have an event planned and that they should not call you on your Big Escape Room Evening.


2. Make sure you’ve got a babysitter

If you think about it, Annabelle Comes Home would just be Home Alone had Ed and Lorraine not hired a babysitter (for those who haven’t seen the movie yet, I won’t reveal any spoilers, but trust me, what I said is true).

And it would not have been anything close to the Home Alone we know and love since Judy Lorraine, bless her heart, is clearly no Kevin McAllister.

Are we straying too far away from the point? Possibly.

The main thing is that if you have children who, for whatever reason, you don’t want to accompany you on your Fox in a Box Orange County night, you better have arranged for someone to watch over them.

It could be anyone from a professional sitter to the children’s uncle or grandparents.

What matters is

  • That you ask them to look after the kids well ahead of your date
  • That they are reliable people who will actually turn up and not leave you in a pickle on The Big Day

In case you’re wondering, Mr Fox would like to let you know that children as young as 4 have enjoyed our escape games here at Fox in a Box Orange County. And we charge for players of age 7 and older.


3. Confirm with the team that everyone’s going to be there

Just a ‘hey, I’m just calling to confirm that you’re on for today, right?’ call.

A very small step for you, a big step forward in ensuring you have a truly enjoyable evening.

This is especially helpful if you’re the one picking everyone up.


4. Dress planning

You want to look good on your evening out, but this isn’t just another evening out. This is an Evening Escapade at Fox in a Box OC.

So you need to remember to dress sensibly.

High heels are best avoided in an escape room, as are very loose clothes (which may get caught somewhere in our rooms) or anything you’re not very comfortable in.


5. You need to reach Fox in a Box OC at least 15 minutes before your slot

We need to sign you in and brief you before you enter the escape room. That’s why we advise you to arrive at least 15 minutes before your booked time slot.

So, remember to start early so you can get to the #1 escape room in Orange County on time.


We look forward to seeing you here!