The Who’s Who Of An Escape Team

We at Fox in a Box Orange County feel that the quintessential escape room team has some pretty cool stock characters. Don’t you want to know which one you are?


That’s what Fox in a Box Orange County (and indeed, almost every other escape room) is all about.

Having a shared thrilling experience, working with each other to crack riddles and accomplish tasks. All the team members working together to escape the room in record time.


Over the years, we’ve noticed that the quintessential escape room team consists of a number of stock characters.

We’re going to compile them here so you can find out who you are. And who your friends are.

What is your identity on an escape room team?


1. The Team Leader

As the name suggests, this is the person who takes control effortlessly and guides the team towards success.

They’re the one that allocates responsibilities and steps in if there’s a communication gap between other team members.

They may or may not be good at solving puzzles themselves but they possess the skills necessary to emerge as the team leader.


2. The Team Leader Wannabe

This will be someone very boisterous, eager to get into an argument and pretty much try to shout their way out of it.

Eager to engage in some chest-thumping and machismo, when faced with a problem such a person would go into a freeze, shift weight from this feet to that, look up at the ceiling and generally waste time.

And if someone offers a solution, they will be very eager to claim credit for it, irrespective of how ridiculous they may sound.

While in other situations such a person will just be another friend, in a crunch situation, they may become a nuisance.


3. The Diva

Although the diva is almost always someone from the fairer gender, in the name of #Equality, I shall be referring to The Diva via the genderless ‘them’.

Typically the secret envy of many members of the team, The Diva tends to be beauty-conscious and equally capable of being sweet to the point of bitter and bitter while being sweet.

They may tend to not show a lot of interest in the game at all, just standing in the middle while asking how close you are to escaping.

However, more often than not, The Diva will turn out to be cleverer than you give them credit for and may be the one to crack that one riddle that nobody else can.


4. The Problem Solver

This may be the office number cruncher.

Typically moody, their interest is less in the destination than in the pursuit. In other words, they won’t need an invitation to start scouring the room for clues and puzzles to crack the moment they enter the escape room.

Contrary to some deeply held beliefs, all problem solvers are not geeks. Sure, they may sport glasses, but they own it!

Think of them as your very own Magnus Carlsen.


5. The Peacemaker

This is the person who intervenes in an argument and calms things down.

Yes, ordinarily it’s the leader who does that. However, sometimes, people may think the leader is becoming too overbearing. This is where a second person’s opinion becomes invaluable in establishing peace.


6. The Friendmaker

They’re there to just hang out with friends, maybe to get somebody’s number.

They’ll happily buy a round if you escape the room within an hour (or, better still, get your names onto the leaderboard).

They’ll happily cheer everybody up if you can’t make it out in time.

In the words of a famous song, they’ll be there for you.


7. The Martyr

Only present in some groups, the martyr is inevitably blamed for everything that went wrong.

Whether they are truly to blame is neither here nor there.

Usually their alleged shortcomings are made good by their paying for an extra round of post-escape beer.


So, which escape room team personality are you?

Come on down to Fullerton’s premier escape room and find out!