The Top 5 O.C.D.’s

Get all the deets right here from Fox in a Box O.C.


 Make no mistake, as a proud Orange County business, we know it is our responsibility to spread word of every top O.C.D as much as possible.

We certainly hope that this makes your Orange County Day Out just that bit more enjoyable…


What are O.C.D.’s?

Well, normally, you’d think Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, but….nope, can’t think of a quick segue, so I’ll just spit it out.

O.C.D.’s are Orange County Desires. The things that make the O.C. such a wonderful place to live and work in.

The things that every person visiting the O.C. should check out.


Laguna Beach

Whenever you hear ‘beach’, you most likely dream of a great sandy expanse, people lying on their mats, sipping drinks or just dozing off, getting a natural tan while the waves gently slap the shore, right?

Well, yes, Laguna Beach has all that, what with it being an beach and all that.

But Laguna Beach is also famous for its art galleries.

There are a number of art galleries and artist studios dotting Laguna Beach, most of which are free to visit.

Even better, the vast majority of them remain open all year long, so it really doesn’t matter if you’re visiting in summer, autumn, winter or spring, if you have a heart for art, you can immerse yourself in it…at Laguna Beach.


Adventure City

What do you think ‘Adventure City’ is?

Go on, you get one guess.

If you guessed ‘amusement park’, you are absolutely spot on, and you get a thousand points for being correct. (Well, we’re like Whose Line Is It Anyway so the points really don’t matter, but you do get a thousand of them).

Established in 1994 as an extension of a nearby park, Adventure City has come a long way.

You can get a nibble of everything from a shuttle coaster to a Ferris wheel to a balloon ride…to nibbles of your favorite foods, whether it’s pizza, pasta, corn dogs or ice cream.

They’re open 10-5 Monday through to Thursday, 10-7 Fridays and 11-8 on weekends.

Here’s their official 2019 tour, in case you’re interested.


Balboa Fun Zone

I mean, think about it. The place has the word ‘fun’ embedded right inside its name. Does it get better than this?

If we’re discussing the Balboa Fun Zone, the first thing we need to talk about surely is the Ferris Wheel. It’s kind of like entertainment royalty around these parts.

It’s one of the few Ferris Wheels (maybe the only one?) that has its own website. And it’s been the filming venue of a 2013 music video by Donald Glover, a.k.a. ‘Childish Gambino’.

There are also a couple of ferry services operating out of the fun zone; they can take you to Catalina Island and Balboa Island, if you’re looking for a ride over water, you can try those out.


Fullerton Arboretum


/ˌɑːbəˈriːtəm/ noun

a botanical garden devoted to trees.

Hopefully, you were like me, and didn’t know this word. Now you know what ‘arboretum’ means. By all means, use it to dazzle friends and family.

Spread across nearly 30 acres and home to plant life brought in from all over the world, the arboretum is sure to be a fascination for any nature lover…and others just looking for some peace and quiet.

And for those looking for anything more substantial, you can take part in a yoga session or sign up for a guided tour (some of these are free) of the park.


The Fifth O.C.D.

Can you guess what it is?

Just take a guess.

Award yourself another thousand points that don’t matter.

And if you guessed that Orange County place to be where you get to rob a bank, escape a serial killer, or, just save the world, you’d be absolutely correct!

Oh, and one more thing. We have a new sister location at Huntington Beach, so it’s double the fun!


If you think you know any more O.C.D.’s that have been cruelly left out here, as a miscarriage of justice, please do file an appeal on its behalf via a comment below!