The Place To Be This Halloween In Orange County

What makes this Fullerton escape room the best place to be on Halloween?

  • Something so exhilarating, you’ll be talking about it till Christmas.
  • Something that isn’t a pain to organize.
  • Something that children as young as 4 have taken part in and enjoyed.

If that’s the kind of event you have in mind for Halloween, Fox in a Box is where you should be planning your Halloween event.


Not sure why you should go for Fox in a Box?

Well, how does this sound?

  • You are trapped in someone’s lair.
  • That someone seems to be like the Zodiac Killer but you can’t be sure.
  • You have 60 minutes to escape the serial killer…or you will end up in the morgue.

And that’s just one of the escape games we have here at this escape room in Orange County.


Organizing your escape at Fox in a Box is easy

  • Select your escape room.
  • Count how many members you have in your team.
  • Head over to the page for your chosen room and check what time slots are left.
  • Select a slot that’s convenient for you and finish your booking with a couple of clicks!

If you want to book multiple rooms, we can do that too!

If your group is very large, you may be eligible for special pricing too.

Speaking of counting how many team members you have…


Escape rooms are a team activity

Escape rooms are designed to encourage team spirit.

All of you will need to work together and communicate with each other in order to make it out of the room in time.

If you’re having a get-together on Halloween, this is a great opportunity for the entire group to interact and bond with each other.


You can compete against each other

  • You’ve split up into two teams.
  • Both teams are led into identical escape rooms, at exactly the same time.
  • May the best team win!

Nothing like a friendly contest to liven things up!

And you can do that in our ‘head-to-head’ escape room.

We have 2 ‘Cold War Bunker’ rooms wherein two teams can compete simultaneously, racing against each other.


You can gift it to that special someone

  • Not the newest iPhone.
  • Not clothes or accessories.
  • An experience; one that they’ll remember for years.

How does that sound as a gift idea?

You can do that at Fox in a Box.

Book a gift card, print out the certificate and gift it to that special someone.

  • Young children can and do take part in our escape games.
  • Pregnant women can participate.
  • Even individuals with mobility issues can do so. Our games are designed with wheelchair users in mind.

You can gift a Fox in a Box escape experience to just about anyone you want to!


Office Halloween Party

There is a whole range of activities you could incorporate into your office Halloween party.

  • Cubicle decorations
  • Halloween costume and parade
  • Pumpkin carving contests

You could end the day on a high note with the team taking part in an escape room mission.


Halloween is a perfect occasion for you to organize an event.

While there are lots of more traditional options like trick or treat, horror movie or maybe even a quiet dinner, you always have the option of rolling up your sleeves and organizing a fresh experience; an experience that they’ll remember.

An experience like banding together to find your way out of a room before you run out of time!