Ordering In Food In Huntington Beach?

There might be a lot of reasons you’re doing that.

I was scrolling through random articles online when this headline caught my eye.


Huntington Beach Becomes Latest City to Consider Cracking Down on Food Delivery App Fees

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Apparently, a lot of cities in Orange County are limiting the commission that third party food delivery apps can charge restaurants to 15%.

Huntington Beach is looking to do likewise.

(the motion would eventually fail, but that’s of no concern to us).

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That set me thinking about the circumstances under which people order in food in Huntington Beach.

Occasions on which to order food

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Stuck at home due to the COVID lockdown, many of us have taken up hobbies seriously.

One of those is cooking.

Seriously, quite a few amateur cooks have been born out of the lockdown.

After all, anything you’ve prepared yourself tastes good, right?

Plus, cooking is a good time killer…with no workplace to go to and children stuck at home all day.

So, what would be some occasions on which people order in, in Huntington Beach?

Special occasion

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You may be celebrating a birthday, or an anniversary or something like that.

But, you want to avoid going out.

That WOULD be an occasion to dine in.

As a complement to the meal, may I suggest a game courtesy California’s premier escape room?

You had work/have a meeting

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Due to the magic of Zoom work has continued creeping into our lives regardless of the lockdown, and sometimes in the most unpleasant of ways (such as a meeting dragging on and on as the boss doesn’t have to go home in the way they used to).

Which can disturb our routines every now and then.

In which scenarios ordering food would be prudent.

You’ve promised the kids

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Once you’ve made that promise, you can’t reverse course, can you?

You just don’t feel like cooking

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Yes, it does happen sometimes.

There’s nothing you want to do except flop down on the couch with pizza and beer and switch on Netflix.

People have come over

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Taking advantage of restrictions being eased, people have come over.

While you’re very enthusiastic about your own cooking, your visitors may not be.

Which is where food delivery comes in.

To liven up the proceedings, may I suggest a virtual escape room?

A few things you can say to the delivery driver

Image courtesy wal_172619 from Pixabay.

Delivery drivers have been there, delivering food throughout the lockdown.

The least we can do (apart from giving them as generous a tip as we can) is to say a few kind words to them when they turn up.

Here are a few alternatives you can consider:

Thanks for the food.

You’re doing a great job!

Just what I needed. Thanks!


Inspired by this news report.


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