How can this escape room help Orange County reopen from its coronavirus lockdown?

Making stay at home great again is essential to ensure the reopening doesn’t get rolled back, and to hold off a second wave.

1920 was when our grandpa’s/great grandpa’s generation was just breathing in relief over the First World War ending.

2020 is when our generation is fighting what is no less than a war – a pandemic caused by a virus that’s among one of the most contagious viruses the world has ever seen.

This is not one city, one county, or one state.

Entire countries have shut down entirely, businesses have been crippled, and people have been forced to stay indoors.

This is war

While we haven’t been bombed, or shot at, this is no less than war.

Healthcare systems in many places have been overwhelmed.

Economies have been frozen.

Businesses are being forced to lay off workers.

This is as serious as a war.

How can the people fight back?

By taking precautions, as advised by the authorities.

The most important instructions are to stay indoors as much as possible, wear masks when venturing out, and to keep washing our hands.

Wait. Isn’t the country, Orange County included, reopening?

Yes, that is indeed happening.

But, it is critical to remember that the virus is still out there.

The reopening is happening pretty gradually, in incremental phases.

Taking a gradual relaxation of a lockdown as carte blanche to head outside in droves and prance around can be the straw that breaks the reopening’s back.

As it is, many counties are scaling back their reopening plans after a spike in cases.

Long story short, we need to remain patient, and exercise prudence.

The freedom to go out must be exercised responsibly, to prevent scaling back or worse, a rollback, of the reopening plans.

How can this Orange County escape room help?

Well, people are understandably edgy.

At the initial stages, when we were starting out with these stay at home regimes, people were pretty fired up.

Impromptu concerts sprang up between balconies, people shared videos of themselves doing all sorts of weird stuff to while away the time, and even the police would join in sometimes.

However, as this thing has dragged on, people’s patience is wearing thin.

Fox in a Box, Orange County’s premier escape room, needs to make staying at home great again.

How Fox in a Box can help you escape the stress

By creating a game that the people at home can lose themselves in.

It offers the escape room experience; only it’s something you can take part in, right at home, on your laptop.

The Son of Sam is back! Dare you investigate?

It’s a thrilling experience

It invokes a genre that’s widely known to be a thriller staple. There might be a surprise or two waiting for you.

If you want to make things a little more exciting, play the Halloween theme on a loop while you’re playing.

Any number of people can join in

There’s no limit. The entire family can take part.

Everyone from grandpa to grandson can put on their thinking caps and dive right in!

You need to keep your wits about you

There might be clues you overlook.

Hints hidden within the game you might miss.

Things you may not know; but you can look up.

So, you need to keep your wits about you.


So, what are you waiting for?

Tick Tock, the clock’s ticking!

The Son of Sam is waiting for you!