Five Less Well Known Occasions You Can Celebrate At An Escape Room

As far as celebrations go, the more the merrier, right?

Occasions to celebrate in an escape room.

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Some just spring to mind, right?

You have your personal occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, bar mitzvahs, and so on.

Then there are the holidays – Christmas, New Year, Memorial Day and the like.

An extended family getting together is also an event worth celebrating.

And finally, you have corporate events.

And…that’s about it, right?

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That’s the occasions that come to mind when you think about celebrating a special occasion at an escape room.

What if I told you that there are a whole lot more occasions that you can (and should) celebrate in an escape room?

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OK, maybe that gif’s a little too dramatic.

But it is true.

Our lives are far too interesting to have only those few types of special occasions.

There’s a whole lot more happening in our lives that deserves celebration.

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And celebrating those is what makes our lives even more special.


Here are five less well known occasions that you can make special and celebrate at an escape room.


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Ah, graduation.

That moment you turn more adult than when you turned eighteen.

That moment when you feel full of energy and passion to take on the world.

A moment that will be photographed, recorded and transmitted to every family member possible.

In many cases, it earns you a special prize, like a car. Or a phone. Or…something.

Seems an occasion worthy of celebrating at an escape room, doesn’t it?

Speaking of getting a car…

Getting a driving license

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A rite of passage, for many young men and women.

Getting a license to drive.

For most folks, this is the final outcome of a four step process:

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  • Step one: Taking baby steps in driving, with a parent in charge.
  • Step two: Finding a professional driving instructor, and taking professional driving classes.
  • Step three: Taking the driving test.
    • Some folks need more than one attempt to pass.
  • Step four: Going to the DMV and actually getting your license.

As you can see, getting a driving license is the outcome of a long and arduous process.

Which is why it merits a celebration at an escape room.

Getting your first paycheck

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The time you attain “financial independence” and begin life as an independent person.

OK, maybe the first paycheck won’t be big enough to make you “financially independent”, but it’s still a huge moment in your life.

A turning point, where you demonstrate that you’re capable of earning a living.

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And nothing screams “financial independence” better than blowing through your first paycheck in a big celebration, including escape games.

Your business breaking even for the first time

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If you are a business owner, or ever have been a business owner, you will know the trials and tribulations of starting and running a business.

One of the things that will bug you right from Day One will be breaking even – when your revenue covers your costs.

Theoretically, you should generate profits after breaking even.

Which is what makes it such a major occasion to celebrate.

Paying off your mortgage

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A mortgage is the route to many dreams, including having a home of your own.

And mortgages are also a leading cause of indebtedness in the United States. For many people it hangs like a millstone around their necks till they retire.

So, paying off your mortgage is indeed an occasion to celebrate. With a trip to an escape room.


Which of these occasions are YOU thinking of celebrating?

If you are, feel free to check out California’s best loved escape rooms.


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