Looking for something better than the usual cut-the-cake party?

How about a birthday party that involves people scrambling to find clues, solve puzzles, and trying to escape a room within 60 minutes?

Get in touch, and we will help you organize an adrenalin-pumping birthday party experience that will be remembered for years.

3-6 Players

$ 18.00

Kids Under 18

$ 16.00


Customised food packages are available on request.


How many people can play per room?

Across our two locations at Fullerton and Huntington Beach we have 7 different escape room scenarios and 2 Head-to-Head rooms, based on diverse themes:

  • Zodiac Killer – Escape a serial killer’s lair.
  • Zombie Apocalypse – Stop the zombie apocalypse.
  • Cold War Bunker – Military mission with Cold War themes.
  • Cold War Bunker Head-to-Head – Split up into two groups and race against each other.
  • Prison – Escape a maximum-security prison.
  • Prison Head-to-Head – Split up into two groups and race against each other.
  • Tesla’s Mystery – Recover an invention before the FBI arrives.
  • S.A.S.H.A. – Escape the Smart Home Evil AI
  • Secrets of Shadow Point – Investigate the Haunted Asylum
How many people can play ?

Depending on the room, a single escape room can accommodate between 2 to 10 players at a time, with Prison Escape in Huntington Beach allowing up to 10 players (20 players if booking both Prison rooms for Head-to-Head) and Secrets of Shadow Point which has a maximum group size of 10 players.

If you have 10+ Players and would like to still enjoy one of our escape room experiences, we recommend booking a HEAD-TO-HEAD experience where your group can split up into two different rooms and compete against each other.

If you book a Head-to-Head experience, you have the option to have 4-20 players, split into two teams in two rooms (both of which feature the same game).

4v2, 3v3, 4v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6,10v10,  etc. you name it- there are plenty of options to play with larger groups!

Our Fullerton location can host up to 36 players simultaneously between all 5 rooms

The Huntington Beach facility can host up to 53 players simultaneously between all 6 rooms

HEAD-TO-HEAD games are available at both our Fullerton and Huntington Beach locations. Fullerton has COLD WAR BUNKER 1 & 2, and Huntington has PRISON C & D – make sure to book both rooms together for the same timeslot.

Can I leave a deposit?

We do not take deposits. Reservations must be made in order to secure the timeslot(s) needed for your event.

If you’d like assistance booking your event, give us a call at 714-879-3369.