Looking for something better than the usual cut-the-cake party?

How about a birthday party that involves people scrambling to find clues, solve puzzles, and trying to escape a room within 60 minutes?

Get in touch, and we will help you organize an adrenalin-pumping birthday party experience that will be remembered for years.

3-6 Players

$ 18.00

Kids Under 18

$ 16.00


Customised food packages are available on request.


How many people can play per room?

Both of our facilities have a total of 4 unique games, each with a maximum capacity of 6 players.

Both of our facilities also have one Head-to-Head game, which means two rooms featuring the same game, for a friendly intra-group competition. These rooms also have a maximum capacity of 6 players.

Which means 30 players can play at once (5 rooms of maximum capacity 6 players each).

Can I leave a deposit?

Yes, we can take a small deposit to secure the booking. The amount of deposit will vary depending on how many rooms are in the transaction.

Deposits are non-refundable 48 hours prior to your booked session.

We will only hold bookings for 4 days if a deposit is not paid. Your session will be cancelled automatically after the 4 days.

To leave a deposit, you will need to phone one of the team on: 714-879-3369.