A Wild Goose Chase in Orange County?

What’s all this about chasing a wild goose in Orange County?

I saw this on a British police procedural series. A young police officer was trying to score a date with an attractive young woman.   His initial appeals were rebuffed…but after a while, she relented. She suggested meeting for drinks at a pub in a town she’d be travelling to for work the next day.   Soon the Big Day (a.k.a. The Next Day) arrived. Our brave young inspector put on his best first date suit, applied liberal amounts of perfume all over himself, jumped into his car and started driving.   A five hour drive later, he reached the town, but can’t spot the bar. So, he asked someone for the bar, and then it hit him…   How his presumed date had described the bar…

It’s called The Goose…Well, the Wild Goose, actually, but you can’t miss it…

He’d been sent on a Wild Goose chase by who he’d thought was his Very Special Lady.

The Wild Goose Escape in Orange County

Well, I can assure you, no such experience awaits you at Orange County’s premier escape room. We have two locations – one on W Amerige Avenue in Fullerton and the other on Edinger Avenue in Huntington Beach – and in either case, very clear directions on reaching us are available. So there’s no question of driving hours on a wild goose chase through Fullerton or Huntington Beach. On the other matter…about the budding romance our young inspector presumed to exist between himself and the lawyer…

An escape room is a good venue for a date

Image by Pavel Jurča from Pixabay.

Heard of Room Escape Artist? Started by Lisa and David Spira, it’s a well-known escape room review website. Here’s a snapshot of their FAQ page, describing Lisa Spira’s origin story:

dating at escape room

Screenshot from https://roomescapeartist.com/2016/07/08/faq/.

As you can see, romance CAN be in the air, alongside suspense and excitement, inside an escape room.

Team building in an escape room

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

With team building, the challenge is that it isn’t really a lesson that can be taught. It’s a skill that has to be imbibed. People must learn to appreciate it as something that makes their job easier.

How does an escape room help here?

Gif courtesy giphy.

Well, think about it. Faced with a thrilling situation, like rushing to stop a nuclear weapons launch, or rushing to beat the FBI in recovering an invention, wouldn’t you feel a rush to take part in it? To give it all you have? To do whatever it takes to win?   And escape rooms are designed explicitly to encourage collaboration. You need to keep divvy up tasks, communicate with each other, and try to work WITH each other on tasks that you can’t accomplish alone? Thus inspiring people to work as a team, and implicitly growing team spirit.

Celebrating special occasions in an escape room

Image by C B from Pixabay.

Celebrating a special occasion in your life? A birthday? A proposal? An anniversary? Anything else? What better way than to work together to try to break out of a prison?

Setting up a corporate event in an escape room

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.

Won an award/crossed a corporate milestone? Landed/completed a prestigious project? Organizing a fundraiser or a charity event? What better place to do that than where attendees gear up to match wits against a serial killer, and for other such thrilling experiences?

Stuck at home

Stuck at home…say during a lockdown? Unable to meet up with friends? Want to set up an exciting event with friends and family from all over…California, heck, from all over the USA…or even the world? We got ya covered!

Virtual reality escape room

You can match wits with a twisted and dangerous individual, all completely online in our virtual reality escape room.

Online escape games

Navigate surreal situations through 3D simulations, all completely online, as you race against the clock to accomplish your mission!

  • Lead your team as you try to survive the twisted games of an infamous assassin in CIA Taskforce.
  • Recover evidence of your friend’s innocence before they’re executed for the crime in Framed.
  • Go back in time – to the 1980’s – to save the world from collapsing into total chaos in Timeline.
  • Try to beat master illusionists and gain acceptance into their secret society in Order of Illusionists.

Making for a group meetup you’re not likely to forget in a hurry!   To sum up, it’s definitely not a Wild Goose Chase that we’ll send you on. We’ll send you on an exhilarating experience for you and your loved ones…whether you’re in Orange County…or just about anywhere. Whatever the occasion – whether it’s Sunday night out with the gang, or a corporate gathering – we got your back!