5 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas That Stand Out In 2019

Whether it’s buying Christmas presents, or it’s figuring your way out of an Escape Room thinking outside the box always works.


You’re at the store, finishing your Christmas shopping.

You’ve gone to great lengths to dig out great gifts for your friends and family. Feeling elated, you place your shopping at the checkout counter…


And it is then that it strikes you.

The sweater you chose for Grandma? You already gifted the same sweater to her last year.

And the tie you bought for Cousin Larry? Didn’t he say he hates that pattern?


Gift giving is supposed to be a thoughtful activity. It is meant to show people that you care about them. That you see them as someone special.

Unfortunately, these days we’re so busy with our jobs and our day-to-day lives that gift giving has become more of a ‘it’s there on my to-do list, right after “2. Get groceries”.


  • Do you want to break that normal?
  • Do you want to show people that you care?
  • Do you want to make Gift Giving Great Again?


Here are 5 thoughtful Christmas gift ideas to help you along.


A Christmas Carol – book by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens’ novel remains a Christmas favorite.

Ideal for: Anyone who hasn’t read the book.

One of the greatest books about Christmas ever written, A Christmas Carol continues to enthrall one and all with its dramatic storyline, haunting imagery and its piercing gaze into the human soul.

Not for nothing has it been adapted numerous times for the stage and for the screen.

But nothing beats the original book by Charles Dickens, so if there’s anyone you know who hasn’t read it, this is the Christmas gift to beat all Christmas gifts.


The Intelligent Investor – book by Benjamin Graham

Ideal for: Milllennials and people close to that age group.

Millennials are struggling to save for retirement.

That’s why it is imperative that whatever they do manage to put away for their nest egg be invested properly so as to build the optimum amount of wealth for their old age.

While there are many ways to do that, one way is to invest in the stock market.

And the best way to do that is to read the book widely acknowledged to be the best book ever written on that subject.

Even if they’re not interested in investing themselves, getting this book will be a big hint that they need to start taking their retirement planning seriously.

And that in turn will tell them you think and care about them and their future.


Movie night

Movie night is a good idea to cuddle up on Christmas.

Ideal for: Your spouse, partner, boy or girlfriend (I think you get the idea)

As I gaze into my crystal ball, I see in your near future a holiday or two. Yes, I am talking about your Christmas holidays and no, I can’t actually see the future.

With a careful bit of planning, this holiday can be turned into a Christmas gift for your significant other.

  • Make sure you’ll have the night to yourselves. If you’ve got kids, get someone to take them for the night. Set phone and email alerts to silent.
  • Find out what kind of movie(s) your significant other would prefer.
  • Arrange for a seamless streaming/viewing (streaming service repeatedly buffering or audio dying in the middle of the viewing kills the experience).
  • Set up the viewing area to be just perfect – whether it’s comfy armchairs or a shared couch, whatever it is, set it up well in advance.
  • Get takeaways or order in.

Your Christmas gift of a movie night, (‘just the two of us’) for your significant other is wrapped and ready!

Escape Experience

An escape room is a good option for meeting up with friends and family on Christmas.

Ideal for: Just about anybody

That holiday that’s coming up?

How does a thrilling experience – it could be anything from pulling off a heist to escaping a serial killer – sound?

J.A.R. (Just About Right)?

Then, gift them an Escape Experience at Orange County’s best Escape Room.

  • Decide how many people you want to gift this experience.
  • Go to the Gift Card/Voucher page.
  • Create a personal message for who you’re sending the gift card to and finish off the booking process.

Boom! You’re done!


Lava beads

Ideal for: More or less anybody

Studies show that stress and anxiety levels are shooting up the world over. In particular, Americans are among the most stressed people in the world.

The reasons are many – politics, jobs, the economy, healthcare.

The outcome, the same – chronic stress is not good for someone’s health.

And you know what can kill stress pretty effectively? Essential oils, like lavender essential oil.

Lava beads can absorb essential oils pretty effectively and then diffuse them slowly.

They are a pretty convenient way of getting the essential oils effect all day without having to apply it. A pretty convenient way of avoiding stress while on one’s feet.

Which makes them a pretty cool Christmas present.


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