4 Things To Do When The Lockdown Eases

Whether you’re an emergency/essential worker or not, there are certain things you must do when the lockdown eases.

If you’re an emergency/essential worker, you never had much of a lockdown; these past weeks have been even more stressful for you than they’ve been for us, and we are all grateful for whatever you’ve done.

If you aren’t an emergency/essential worker, you’ve been pretty much stuck indoors for the past few weeks.

Going out has become the new staying in

Remember when you’d thank your stars for a day you could just lie around, order in, and switch on a movie?

Well, with the lockdown, that’s pretty much become a normal routine for a lot of us.

Rather than ‘I’ll just watch one of the Jason movies tonight’, you start to think ‘So, did we watch Friday the 13th II last night or Friday the 13th III?’

Work from home

According to some reports, grooming products have been flying off the shelves in shops.

Well, with a lot of us taking part in work meetings via videoconferencing, we want to dress up and look sharp for the cameras, right?

That’s another new thing – dressing up but not going out.

Then of course, there are all the attendant mishaps, like

  • Zoombombing (although that has been declining of late)
  • Forgetting to switch off the webcam, and being caught in a state of undress
  • Children, spouses, roommates sauntering into the video in the middle of a work call

Looking ahead

Right, enough of the past.

Let’s look ahead.

What can we look forward to?

Here are the top 4 things you can consider doing when the lockdown eases.


This is for all the emergency and essential workers.

You’ve been working nonstop throughout the medical emergency, looking after people.

The easing of the lockdown (and, hopefully, a slowdown of the virus) will give you some time to relax. We hope.

The first opportunity you get, take it.

You are human beings too, and you deserve a break.

Maintain social distancing

According to most reports, social distancing will have to be maintained even after lockdowns are eased.

So, even as you head out (as per relevant government guidelines), remember to maintain social distancing.

It’s easy to drop your guard, but you need to remain careful about this.

Personalize your mask

Wearing masks is another thing we’ll have to keep doing, even after lockdowns are eased.

So you might as well rev it up and make it a distinctive fashion.

Drop in on your elderly relatives

It’s been a terrible time for the elderly.

Some reports claim the elderly to be more at risk from covid19, which has resulted in them being even more stuck indoors.

Being cut off from human contact, video calls notwithstanding, is not a good idea, is it?

So, the first chance you get, you should try to drop in on them.

See how they’re getting on, and offer some words of encouragement.

However, remember the medical advice, and wear your mask, and limit bodily contact while you’re doing so.

Get together

As the lockdowns ease, and businesses start to reopen, getting together with your friends is a good idea.

But, you need to remember a few things

All of you must wear masks, and avoid handshakes, hugs and kisses.

Maintain some distance between yourselves.

If you visit any establishment, choose ones where social distancing is possible, and which provide visitors with necessities like sanitizers and gloves.


To summarize

Whether you’re an emergency worker or not, the past few weeks have been pretty brutal.

An easing of the lockdown, whenever it comes, would be highly welcome.

When the lockdown does ease, you should

  • Take a day off, at least, and relax
  • Maintain social distancing, and follow all other medical advice
  • Drop in on your elderly relatives
  • Get together with friends

Even as you do all that, remember how overwhelmed the health system can become with another outbreak.

So, just to repeat, when you go out, whether it is to visit the supermarket or pop into Orange County’s premier escape room, avoid bodily contact, wear masks, and try to check if they offer necessities like hand sanitizer.

What will you be doing once the lockdown ends?

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